Our deep expertise & decade long experience has made our business managers’ very good negotiator and quality conscious too. Saving your money & time is Team VTL’s utmost priority.  Harmonization is the bottom line we work upon. Team VTL blends with you & your team to complete your procurement resources. Our experience & skill help us knowing your requirements with sensitivity. Once your needs are clear, team VTL shall immediately start identifying & evaluating manufacturer / supplier, and benchmark them for you.
After the filtration round of your selection and approvals of Sampling Team, VTL shall take charge again to negotiate with supplier to get you the best of quality, price & on time delivery. We do not just stop here; team VTL shall be in continues follow up with supplier for production and certification check to keep you up date. Pre packing & Pre loading confirmation reaches you in time.  For team VTL task is incomplete till shipment to clearing at port. Further logistics from port can be arranged on request.
Our strategic sourcing & procurement method helps you and your organization reduces the overall cost of your purchase. Team VTL achieves the main objective of client satisfaction for each and every project.
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